Initiation of NIV

Provision of equipment

Patients should be provided with one non-invasive ventilation (NIV) machine with the option of having two machines.

Two machines should be given in the following circumstances:

NIV equipment

It is vital that those patients who are dependent on NIV, ie using NIV for more than eight hours per day, are given battery-aided machines. This provides reassurance to patients as it enables them to travel safely as well as avoid disruption due to power failure.

All patients should be advised to use NIV in times of respiratory deterioration and so healthcare professionals should advise all patients who are at risk of respiratory deterioration to take their equipment with them when leaving the home.

In the following video, Matt Cox, an Extended Scope Respiratory Physiotherapist, describes the equipment that he gives to patients.

All patients should be given a minimum of two mask interfaces.

Deciding on the mask interface

Good practice points