Initiation of NIV

Effective ventilation in the first month is associated with a survival benefit. Therefore, it is important that the patient is established on non-invasive ventilation (NIV) quickly and settings are optimised at initiation.

This section provides information and guidance about supporting people when they are initiated on NIV. This includes referral, preparing patients for initiation, optimising cough and secretion management, choosing the right equipment, settings and location for initiation and setting them up on NIV.

Learn more about the different aspects:

Factors influencing the timing of referral and initiation of NIV

Timing of referral and initiation of NIV

Importance of secretion and cough optimisation

Preparing to initiate NIV

Location of initiation

Provision of equipment

Deciding on the mask interface

Setting up NIV

Dealing with emergencies

Initiation of NIV - FAQs