Initiation of NIV

Deciding on the mask interface

There are a variety of mask interfaces on the market to suit a range of patient needs.

All patients should be given a minimum of two mask interfaces and an individualised approach should be taken when choosing the mask interface as the most appropriate one will depend on patient choice, need and safety.

Nurse presenting a variety of mask interfaces

It is key that there are a range of mask interfaces available to choose from. These should be available in a range of sizes to allow patients options to choose the one that suits them the best. Certain things to consider include:

Patient wearing an oronasal mask

Patient wearing a nasal mask

If necessary, the patient will need to trial a range of mask interfaces in order to find the most suitable one.

In the following video, Julie talks about her first time trialling NIV and how she did not like it because she found the mask overbearing. This highlights the importance of variety and trialling a range of masks. Because the healthcare professional explained that Julie can trial other masks, Julie was able to find one that suited her preferences and needs and, therefore, continued using NIV.

Good practice points